We all want positive change. Flight Attendants have driven incredible change through collective action in the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO since United Airlines Flight Attendants first organized 70 years ago. The persistent push for change through our union has resulted in historic accomplishments and built a reservoir of experience we can apply as we push for new change.

We have heard a lot of concern that union-busting efforts intended to remove AFA representation and resources from Flight Attendants at United Airlines will include fraudulent submission of authorization cards calling for a decertification vote. Use this form to confirm your desire to maintain AFA as our union at United Airlines and to confirm you have not, and would not, sign an authorization card for a decertification vote. 

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By submitting this form, I affirm that AFA is My Union. I have not, and will not, sign a card for an NMB representation election. Any representation that I want an election is a forgery and must be investigated and destroyed.

United as One Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

January 15, 2016 

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As we enter a critical period in bargaining a joint contract for United Flight Attendants, there is no room for divisive tactics when only solidarity should exist. Our collective focus is on achieving a joint contract we can ratify. In this time of record profits especially, we must achieve our fair share. Efforts to distract us or undermine our union directly impact our collective ability to put money in the pockets of Flight Attendants and their families.

Our solidarity determines our power at the negotiating table. It is paramount that every member stand together in support of our union, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, and demonstrate to management that we will not be distracted from our collective goal. We are united in our resolve to achieve a contract that recognizes our valuable contributions to United Airlines.

Never before in history has one negotiation directly affected so many Flight Attendants. Management doesn't want AFA to become industry-wide like ALPA. They don't want Flight Attendants having that kind of power. That's why airline management is so intent on sowing discord. Standing together and supporting each other has never been so important.

As always, we urge members with questions to talk with local AFA representatives to get the facts. Help combat misinformation. Every Flight Attendant can take an active role in helping to build our solidarity to achieve the contract we want to ratify.

Unity is our greatest strength. Stand with us as one united group of Flight Attendants in the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.

In Solidarity,

AFA Joint Master Executive Councils representing United Airlines Flight Attendants

Ken Diaz
MEC President

Kathleen Domondon
MEC President/Council 65

Randy Hatfield
MEC President

Andreas Curlee
MEC Vice President

Jose Torres
MEC VP/Council 65

Sheryl Kee
MEC Vice President

Jeff Heisey
MEC Secretary-Treasurer

Kevin Batey
President Council 14

Franko Ocasio
President Council 42

Richard Dagnall
President Council 5

Michael Blake
President Council 20

Cari Kershaw
President Council 60

Anthony King
President Council 7

Todd Failla
President Council 21

Joey Guider
President Council 62

Paul Antuna
President Council 8

Bill Carico
President Council 25

Jayson Jarrell
President Council 63

Ken Kyle
President Council 9

Nara Nakulan
President Council 26

Denny Wheeling
President Council 64

Chris Black
President Council 11

Andrew Fahy
President Council 27

Kyle Hammontree
President Council 36

Dante Harris
President Council 12

Rick Gonzalez
President Council 38

Shawn Dawkins
President Council 37